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Top Messages

  1. Serendipity: @TheDestroyer55 here cheer up. listen to more s3rl. I made a list for you https://www.docdroid.net/L1JNGeb/tracklist-s3rl-v432.docx
  2. P3DR0: Gameboy hoodie in gallery :D
  3. P3DR0: Only special people can know about S3RL... not some normies
  4. Soasters: Well today I talked to the girl I like, she is the quiet one in class but I think she is cute. We were both nervous when talking to each other.
  5. Serendipity: Present for you - secret s3rl track - - > https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fQhWWX1Ijhw
  6. P3DR0: Music is my drug and S3RL is my Dealer :D
  7. The_Pichu_Squad: some of the upcoming events MAY not be listed if they have not been either confirmed or announced yet
  8. Serendipity: well since i cantr post on the nonexistance forum post for whirlwind, I'll comment here :h: this song may not have many lyrics and it may be a bit repetitive, but I havewnt enjoyed a song as much as this onein quite some time. music is my saviour was catchy and I loved the video. but I'm like a wirlwind just got to me.
  9. InfiniDrift: Exactly XD
  10. The_Pichu_Squad: he is about to dance!
  11. Serendipity: thats like 3000 miles from me
  12. The_Pichu_Squad: and you don't wanna live with regrets, they are just... no fun
  13. Soasters: @InfiniDrift Man I’ve stomped around when listening to S3RL at school, I people were confused because the music was in my earbuds. #nogutsnoglory
  14. P3DR0: The audiospectrum makes it cooler too XD
  15. The_Pichu_Squad: that was really funny XD
  16. InfiniDrift: Bass*
  17. The_Pichu_Squad: s3rl is going to be featured in a show there in february
  18. The_Pichu_Squad: anyway, you should never presume on how ppl percive you... sometimes, the person you admire also admires you for some reasons... (old strory but it did happen once)
  19. InfiniDrift: I discovered this two days ago and I think it's awesome https://youtu.be/uPrbFjIfluc