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Top Messages

  1. The_Pichu_Squad: @Arehya long ago, the console thing did happen to me... and i was really unhappy...
  2. P3DR0: @InfiniDrift (Oops pressed enter insted of backspace) Like a quote from the song or the title?
  3. P3DR0: Is anyone here from Australia/New Zealand? If so ima need you to PM me please... I need this favor done or else im gonna die (not literally XP)
  4. DerHeinrich: oh wait i dont see the link sry
  5. Nina o.o: I watched this video...I love this guy :h: I wish every policeman in Germany would be like this ...Most just suck ._.
  6. The_Pichu_Squad: i guess i need to plan for an europe trip in a near future? ;P
  7. Superman: @Lupiiz Gotta start 2018 with a new look ;P
  8. Aaron B.: @Superman new home page :h: :h: :h:
  9. krujji: Merry Christmas from Germany!
  10. Nina o.o: merry christmas from Germany haha :D
  11. Aaron B.: ~ laws of space & time don't matter :h:
  12. InfiniDrift: Starting the new year by playing "I Will Pick You Up" the loudest possible, with the first drop happening at exactly midnight: Check
  13. Officialy: Happy new year everyone! 8 minutes to go in the UK :p
  14. Paul Bunyan: posted a while ago :confused: