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New Profile Posts

  1. Luxurise
    Forever perplexed by the world's inconsistencies.
  2. r|y|a|n
    I don't play games or hang my head in shame... I've seen insanity, but it's molded me.
  3. r|y|a|n
  4. r|y|a|n
    Just discovered Rainbow Girl, Candlelight Mix. <3
  5. r|y|a|n
    My favorite S3RL songs seem to change often. Top three at the moment: 3) Nightcore This 2) Genre Police 1) Princess Bubblegum
  6. Laurikun
    Im so hooked on an anime, eromanga sensei xD I dont know why i like ecchi incest animes. ok. The are funnyyyyy
  7. Laurikun
    It would be great to found Spanish people who were fan of S3RL and the anime!! ❤️Talk to me if you are! Im from Madrid
  8. Laurikun
    Hi xD Im a S3RL big fan
    1. r|y|a|n likes this.
  9. RogueXRated
    It's so cold in my room, not even funny
  10. RogueXRated
    Bonjour People!
  11. Sunny_D
    Finally got my ticket for HTID SF locked down!!!
  12. D4RK FUN
    D4RK FUN
  13. Reds
  14. Reds
    Me parece bn esta pagina :3
  15. Reds
    Hola soy nuevo
  16. InfiniDrift
    If someone want to click on circles to the beat (in other words play Osu!), send me a message on the game, search for InfiniDrift :)
  17. GatorNargacuga
    Nightcore or S3rl
  18. GatorNargacuga
    right really doing
  19. GatorNargacuga
    In Graph design class right now
  20. Superman
    Dallas here I come :)