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Aug 26, 2015
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Active Member, Female, 20, from Florida, USA

S3RL Super Fan
    1. savannahall
      I LOVE the new theme!!!!! LOVE IT!! :D
    2. savannahall
      Happiness <3
    3. savannahall
      It's my 17th birthday today!!! :D
      1. Less_Than_3 likes this.
    4. savannahall
      Ah, That moment when you've been truly happy for weeks but you don't really have a real reason to be happy. You just are, And It's great. <3
      1. Flintlock3r and Bad_Wolf_Queen like this.
    5. savannahall
      Okay! I've officially posted the story on how I met S3RL (if any of you have been waiting to see it) It's in the general S3RL discussion! :)
      1. chomp246 likes this.
    6. savannahall
      I met S3RL July 23rd, and it was the best day of my life! Will post a very detailed story within the next few days with LOTS of pictures! :D
    7. savannahall
      Gonna see S3RL July 23rd... Been waiting 6 months for this & it's finally happening! :D
      1. Superman likes this.
  • About

    Nov 27, 1999 (Age: 20)
    Florida, USA
    Hi there! Well, My name is Savanna, I'm 17 years old & I'm obsessed with Birds, Music, Anime, Investigation Shows, Kandi Making, and dancing for hours and hours on end (no kidding! I dance for hours when I dance, and I dance almost everyday XD) to Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Trance, *some* Dubstep... Pretty much if it's a techno song that I like then I like it! No matter what genre :p but S3RL is my all time favorite DJ, and has been since I was 12. He was the maker of the first Happy Hardcore song that I had ever heard, and from that moment on I was obsessed with his stuff, and I now have a collection of over 200 songs xD And I've been wanting to go to a rave since 2012, and on July 23rd, 2016, I finally got to live out my dream and go to my first rave, due to the one I went to being all ages. And that rave will be the most special one of my life. Because I got to not only watch S3RL play for my first rave, But I also got to meet him... I GOT TO MEET S3RL!!! :D It was the best night of my life! And I honestly don't think anything could ever even come close to topping it :p But anyway it was great, and finally getting to go to a rave showed me something that I honestly already knew. That I am, and am really mean't to be... a raver! And I'll always live by PLUR and put it into everything that I do! :)

    Anyway though, I love talking to people! So if you ever wanna send me a message then go right ahead! I always love making new friends ^_^

    But anyway, I hope anyone reading this has a great day, filled with lots of love & happiness! :3


    [​IMG] This is my pet on a game I play!
    This bird is perfect to be S3RL because it looks like he's dancing, AND has his birthday! :D

    PLUR is love, PLUR is life. :h: