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Top Messages

  1. leila74439: it has been forever since ive been on
  2. leila74439: any canada dayes yet?
  3. leila74439: is s3rl even voming to canada? he needs to for me and @Superman lmao right?
  4. The_Pichu_Squad: @leila74439 nothing that can be confirmed atm, but superman must be doing all he can to get it to work, lol
  5. The_Pichu_Squad: i'm going if all goes as planned... i have my ticket
  6. P3DR0: Oh yeah this, im hoping to go see him when gets to SF plus its 8 days away from my bday :D
  7. The_Pichu_Squad: the news is FINALLY out! so i can tell you what it was...
  8. The_Pichu_Squad: also created a thread in the forum here
  9. The_Pichu_Squad: and btw, it would also be nice for ME if he did...
  10. P3DR0: Im preparing my self for Christmas :D https://youtu.be/XvGcbEsM6Rg
  11. The_Pichu_Squad: (if i was you, i'd put both, lol)
  12. P3DR0: The offensive one isnt on Spotify... :(
  13. InfiniDrift: @P3DR0 I may have songs for you: Denza - All I Need / Da Tweekaz - Komon / Mark With A K - Warrior...
  14. The_Pichu_Squad: you are using the offensive one or the censored one?
  15. P3DR0: If anyone know and good Hardcore/Hardstyle/and of the sort let me know, i want to make an epic playlist
  16. P3DR0: Im gonna make a Spotify Christmas Mix and Ill post it here when I have a good amount if songs *Insert Thumbs Up*
  17. P3DR0: XD That was the first one i put in the list
  18. InfiniDrift: Also Basshunter - Jingle Bells for the lolz