Call of Duty from 2007-2012 (Yeah I'm that type of gamer) XD


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Jul 28, 2020
Bro. I feel like these games tell awesome stories, but after Black Ops 2, the games started to lack character with Ghosts' release. The only exception was Black Ops 3, but only because of the Zombies and Multiplayer. Then the following games failed too. When Infinity Ward decided to re-make Modern Warfare again, but change it a bit, the community loved it with new types of systems like the Battle Pass, the new seasons with new remastered maps, and the Warzone mode. Modern Warfare saved Call of Duty, and now it's Treyarch's job to keep it going. Black ops 4 was a bust, but with the release of Black Ops: Cold War, I think the community is going to be just fine.


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