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Top Messages

  1. Serendipity: Present for you - secret s3rl track - - > https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fQhWWX1Ijhw
  2. P3DR0: Music is my drug and S3RL is my Dealer :D
  3. Soasters: Well today I talked to the girl I like, she is the quiet one in class but I think she is cute. We were both nervous when talking to each other.
  4. InfiniDrift: I will have MOH shoes in a week (I hope ^^)
  5. P3DR0: Yeah that's true
  6. Arehya: I listened to Rob Resnick that does the same, check this one
  7. The_Pichu_Squad: lots of folks on but none are talking.. kinda sad
  8. jÜffLoS: thatll be cool i listen to moh producers a lot
  9. jÜffLoS: shoes? :D
  10. jÜffLoS: idk much about air max ^^ but ive a friend who collects them
  11. Arehya: But I dont know how to play any instrument so lol
  12. Arehya: This would be great in any school music event or something
  13. P3DR0: Oh yeah he is really good too
  14. jÜffLoS: hey guys
  15. InfiniDrift: Yeah, Nike Air Max 90!
  16. jÜffLoS: ha gotcha XD