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Top Messages

  1. animanime: 720 Suicide (S3RL track) my favorite
  2. Superman: Lol i have too many secrets in there :p
  3. Meta: though it lacks legend for some colorations
  4. LunarEclipse: ah, that list is old
  5. Meta: it got updated to 10th november 2016 (so more updated than the one on reddit)
  6. LunarEclipse: that is the most accurate list right now
  7. LunarEclipse: the one on reddit has edits that will never be made. I went through everything myself
  8. Meta: thanks
  9. Meta: and tried to organise the "global" tab to make the songs match from one list to another
  10. Meta: I scrapped myself the infos from those sites and the list S3RL sent me
  11. LunarEclipse: I really could care less about the color organization, I would rather it be done by release date
  12. Meta: I already gave it to S3RL himself few days ago
  13. LunarEclipse: superman is admin of this site, he would use it to update the future tracklist
  14. LunarEclipse: big update soon, I lack information about it
  15. Meta: it is already organised/sorted by different "ids" based on the different sites (beatport, trackitdown, s3rl personal list, etc.)
  16. LunarEclipse: I didnt even notice the release date you put there
  17. Meta: though i don't have all the dates/infos
  18. LunarEclipse: if you can combine our lists and organize the songs by release date, send it to superman and myself, he will greatly appreciate it