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May 30, 2015
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New Member, Female, 19, from Idaho

  • About

    Aug 13, 2000 (Age: 19)
    S3RL fan
    Hey, I'm Judy, but I prefer to go by one of my nicknames which are Scourge or Princess.

    Ok, yea, I know scourge isn't really original, and I know you're probably wondering how I got the nickname. Well, you see, I was reading the Warrior series by Erin Hunter. At the same time, someone I knew was reading the same series and we both recognized the similarities between me and the vengeance-thirsty character known as Scourge, and so that's how I got the nickname.

    The nickname Princess comes from my royal bloodline. Im related to King Henry XIII, so therefore I'm related to both Queen Elizabeth's and Bloody Mary(Mary of England).

    Ok, now that my name's explanation is done with, I'm going to explain how/when I found out about S3RL and other things to do with S3RL. :)

    So, I found out about S3RL when I was watching youtube music videos via NightCore version. It was right around the time I made my Facebook this year, so I decided to check out his facebook fan page and talk to him. While looking at his pictures, I noticed that he and I look like we could be twins. When I talked to him, I brought it up and asked if I could call him my twin(even though he's older).

    The rest in going to put in a list because I'm lazy like that.~

    Favorite songs by S3RL:
    Press Play Walk Away
    Rainbow Girl(NightCore version)
    NightCore This
    Old Stuff


    Dont mess with a girl like me, I can be dangerous.