1. Superman

    Spoiler Alert - Discussion

    I love the harder tracks :) Tell me what you think :h: This song is good ;P Spoiler Alert
  2. Superman

    Music is my Saviour - Discussion

    Another great song from S3RL, with a great message :) I love Mixie Moons voice in this track, gives me those feels!
  3. Superman

    Misleading TItle - Discussion

    What do you think of this song? I really like this song <3 My fav song from the S3RL Tour <3 I would love to hear what you think :)
  4. Superman

    Well, That Was Awkward - Discussion

    What do you think of this track?
  5. Superman

    All That I Need - Discussion

    This song is all that i need <3
  6. Superman

    Cherry Pop - Discussion

    Tell me whaat you think of this track! Are you going to the Cherry Pop Tour?
  7. Superman

    Where Did You Go - Discussion

    Where Did You Go? :) DISCUSS!!! Buy: https://djs3rl.com/shop/Where-Did-You-Go
  8. Superman

    Like This - Discussion

    Can you feel this song in your ? Tell me what you think of it below!
  9. Superman

    Inspiration - Discussion

    Discuss this song :p Another great start to 2017 with another great S3RL Track! Buy it here: https://djs3rl.com/shop/Inspiration