1. Superman

    New Remix Packs (Wanna Fight Huh, Waifu, Through the Years, Fire, Earth BB, Don't Stop, Dance More)

    Hey Everyone! Just another quick addition to the Remix Packs, we added a lot of new ones and even a classic song remix pack! Added some fan favs like Dance More and Don't Stop! See the full list below! Wanna Fight Huh Waifu Through the Years Fire Earth Bb Don't Stop Dance more As always let...
  2. Superman

    New Remix Packs

    Hey Everyone! I added the following remixes to the Shop for download! Beat All The Odds You Are Mine The Power of Love of Power Speechless Silicon XX Nasty Fan Service Dopamine Avaline Let me know below if you want any specific remix packs! Check out all remix packs here!
  3. Superman

    S3RL Forum 2020 Update

    Hello everyone! Just a small update here, just making a post letting everyone know that as you can see we updated the forums theme. Had to make some overall updates to allow for a more secure platform all together, and to modernize the site. If you have any questions about the update overall...