dj s3rl

  1. TehAwesomeEpicness

    Keep Calm and Rave On!

  2. TehAwesomeEpicness

    DJ S3RL Fanart Spam Incoming!

    Sorry I haven't been active lately! I've been busy, yo! XwX Anyway have some art! PS: There are hidden messages in each one, try to find all 7! ;) (Forgive me for this one, S3RL) The DJ S3RL and Defi Brilator models were made by me~ The Sonic model was made by BluexBlur on...
  3. DayGloStarKade

    LGBTQ+ Song

    Hey S3RL! As a fan of yours here in the US and part of the LGBT community it's been great to see everyone from all walks of life come together regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc. However, I'm sure you've noticed that we Americans are unfortunately living...
  4. TehAwesomeEpicness

    Yay, Art! (✿◠‿◠)

    I haven't posted here in a while! I've been meaning to update the model of S3RL I made last year, I made some slight changes to him, still trying to work on the hair though! >.< I also made a model of Jodie! :D Anyway, have art, <3