1. Superman

    New Remix Packs

    Hey Everyone! I added the following remixes to the Shop for download! Beat All The Odds You Are Mine The Power of Love of Power Speechless Silicon XX Nasty Fan Service Dopamine Avaline Let me know below if you want any specific remix packs! Check out all remix packs here!
  2. Superman

    Spoiler Alert - Discussion

    I love the harder tracks :) Tell me what you think :h: This song is good ;P Spoiler Alert
  3. Superman

    Music is my Saviour - Discussion

    Another great song from S3RL, with a great message :) I love Mixie Moons voice in this track, gives me those feels!
  4. Superman

    S3RL USA Tour pt.2? (Texas & Colorado) (Nov 2017)

    Return to Candy Mountain Friday, November 17 at 8 PM - 2 AM CST Nov 17 at 8 PM to Nov 18 at 2 AM CST The Green Elephant 5627 Dyer St, Dallas, Texas 75206 303 Family Presents Hard Beat Bump! 10th Anniversary! Saturday, November 18 at 9 PM - 6 AM MST Nov 18 at 9 PM to Nov 19 at 6 AM MST...
  5. Superman

    Well, That Was Awkward - Discussion

    What do you think of this track?
  6. Superman

    All That I Need - Discussion

    This song is all that i need <3
  7. Superman

    Cherry Pop - Discussion

    Tell me whaat you think of this track! Are you going to the Cherry Pop Tour?
  8. Superman

    S3RL Tour USA 2017

  9. Superman

    Where Did You Go - Discussion

    Where Did You Go? :) DISCUSS!!! Buy: https://djs3rl.com/shop/Where-Did-You-Go
  10. Superman

    Inspiration - Discussion

    Discuss this song :p Another great start to 2017 with another great S3RL Track! Buy it here: https://djs3rl.com/shop/Inspiration
  11. Superman

    Generic Holiday Song - Discussion

    Is this too Generic or just a right amount? Let me know below!
  12. Superman

    Space-Time - Discussion

    The laws of space & time don't matter. Break them all to be with you <3 Tell me what you think of this track :)
  13. Superman

    Trillium - Discussion

    Superman's Thoughts Corner :) Love this song, S3RL does it again with another catchy toon :h: Also congrats Aaron B:h: on the new track with S3RL :h:
  14. Superman

    S3RL Student Ravers United (Tokyo)

    Event Official Site: http://www.sru03.com/ Did you go to this event? Share stuff below!
  15. Superman

    You're My Superhero - Discussion

    Such a great toon ;P Tell me what you think!
  16. Superman

    Click Bait - Discussion

    Hah i got you :p
  17. Superman

    What Merch Do You Want Sold On The Official S3RL Shop?

    Current Merch in the pipeline Shirts Share your ideas :P Best ideas i will add a vote to this thread.
  18. Superman

    Nostalgic - Discussion

    This track just gets me all nostalgic :P
  19. Superman

    Self Titled - Discussion

    Share what you thing about this song :p I love the inclusion of the fan art :)
  20. Superman

    S3RL feat Minto - Put Your Phones Up

    Like the new S3RL song? Share all your love here with me :h: Radio Edit - iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/put... - Google Play - https://play.google.com/store/music/a... - Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/track/0zqo2i... DJ Edit - BeatPort -...
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