happy hardcore

  1. happyhardcoreSL_T

    Hi Everyone! cherry pop popped my hardcore cherry...

    Cheesy, I know, but true! My name is Lauren and I love to dance! I was driving up to the city(SF, CA) with some friends a few months ago to attend a small rave event. As we struggled to find parking(typical) and our agitation levels began to rise, my friend *Strawberry Shortcake* played S3RL's...
  2. Superman

    Heart of Gold 5 - So Heart To Say Goodbye (Toronto, Canada)

    Hello Toronto Ravers! I would love to see any local ravers come and show your support for the Toronto Rave Scene. So many great acts! Listed below <3 Let my know if you are going! We can hang out :) Tickets: http://www.daydreamproductions.ca/ Event Page...
  3. DJ Void

    DJ Void - Nostalgia

    So I thought I would share this here. The synth in the intro melody is made from a processed voice chop out of the vocals of one of s3rl's remix packs. Let me know what you guys think :)
  4. Flintlock3r

    Bonkers Compilation Albums (1996-2007)

    A bit off topic with S3rl-related stuff, but I wanted to post this because I love these albums. I find that the Bonkers albums are one of the best ways to look into how UK and freeform hardcore evolved from the mid 90's to the mid/late 2000s (specifically the styles of artists like Hixxy and...
  5. Flintlock3r

    Production questions

    Hi S3RL, love being here, I feel right at home on the forum :) I apologize if this is long XD So I have some questions regarding how you go about your production. I make happy/UK hardcore as well. 1. When you write a track, is it generally organized the whole time (tracks in order, labeled...
  6. Flintlock3r

    Hi there! :D

    Yay! A fan site! :D Anyways, hello, I am Flintlock3r (Joseph), from California, U.S.A. I am a Hardcore DJ and Producer "in-training". I actually discovered S3RL and his music a year ago when I instantly fell in love with it, but only stumbled on this website tonight. I joined immediately because...
  7. KawaiiKiki


    HTID IN THE SUN 2016: MAGALUF DATE: June 13 - June 20 LOCATION: Magaluf, Palma De Maiorca, Calvia, Spain TICKETS: http://theticketsuperstore.com/event/htid-in-the-magaluf-sun-2016/ EVENT INFO: https://www.facebook.com/events/1661103997507146/
  8. DayGloStarKade

    Crystal Sky

    Hey S3RL! First off, I want to tell you how big of a fan I am of yours! I've placed you on a "Happy Harcore Legend" pedestal alongside artists like Scott Brown & Hixxy and listen to your music on repeat all the time! :hearteyes: My question though has to do with your free track Crystal Sky. I...
  9. KawaiiKiki

    Happy Hardcore/ UK Hardcore?

    I was on a hardcore kick while working today and thought I'd share a few songs that are not S3RL that get me through the weekly work flow. It's HHC/UK! What are your favorite songs, post them! This list could go on forever so I'll stop for now ^____^;; But enjoy, if...