1. InfiniDrift

    Hardcore Clothes/Accessories

    Hello there boys and girls! Do you have clothes and/or accessories about S3RL? Happy Hardcore? Or maybe other genres? Even festivals? Here is a topic where you can show them :D If you have a Defqon.1 T-Shirt, a S3RL hoodie, a Coone bracelet or maybe a Frenchcore hat (who knows), post a picture...
  2. InfiniDrift

    Need some help, ravers!

    Hi there! Everybody here loves S3RL songs, and I think everybody here like Raves and fast music. In fact, I love Rave/Gabber universe and I would like to be a part of it. In this post, I want to ask for help for a contest organized on Facebook, where the winner wins a gabber symbol: a...
  3. InfiniDrift

    Hello there!

    Hi everybody ! Let me introduce myself: My name's Allan, I'm 17, I'm French, I live on Limoges, France and I'm a S3RL fan since July 2016 :D . The first S3RL song I heard was Pretty Rave Girl 2010, it was last summer, and I listened to it after I saw some people say "Wasn't this a S3RL song?"...
  4. Shawn Blaze

    :) Hardcore

    How to describe happy hardcore... (too many words) S3RL definitely introduced me to happy hardcore. I don't remember how I came across him though... Through memes, cracks, vines? Anyway, S3RL inspired me to take up the happy hardcore genre myself. It was worth it. Besides house music (which...
  5. Flintlock3r

    Bonkers Compilation Albums (1996-2007)

    A bit off topic with S3rl-related stuff, but I wanted to post this because I love these albums. I find that the Bonkers albums are one of the best ways to look into how UK and freeform hardcore evolved from the mid 90's to the mid/late 2000s (specifically the styles of artists like Hixxy and...
  6. S.T.T.F

    Hey S3RL, I beg of you too make an remix of..

    Hey S3RL!! Great fan of your music and style. And i just love it how you do the vocals these days and i have an request of a song that would be so awsome if you would be able to make an remix of, the lyrics is already perfect for you ;) Robyn - Indestructible Cheers \o/
  7. Nico22

    My connection to S3RL

    Hi there! I first came across S3RL's music on the old www.di.fm site, while listening to a mix on the Hardcore channel. The song that suddenly started playing was Transformers and it captured my attention from the get-go. The song was so amazing that I instantly fell in love with his sound and...
  8. KawaiiKiki

    DnB / Jungle THREAD

    Drum and Bass has many many subgeners: Liquid, breakcore, ragga jungle, and lots more. A big part of Drum and Bass is the jungle movement. Oldskool jungle is a big part of the community and has molded its progression even today, it was heavily influenced by breakbeat hardcore and techno. Drum...
  9. KawaiiKiki


    HTID IN THE SUN 2016: MAGALUF DATE: June 13 - June 20 LOCATION: Magaluf, Palma De Maiorca, Calvia, Spain TICKETS: http://theticketsuperstore.com/event/htid-in-the-magaluf-sun-2016/ EVENT INFO: https://www.facebook.com/events/1661103997507146/
  10. raytekofficial

    S3RL Remixes

    Hey fellow producers :D I want to hear your remixes of your favorite S3RL songs! Post your links here so I can view them and anyone else who wants to take a listen!
  11. DJS3RL Is The Best DJ

    DJS3RL Is The Best DJ

    I love S3RL Tracks Even My Favorite Artist
  12. FanArt <3

    FanArt <3

    I keep on raving!
  13. Fanart <3

    Fanart <3

    Singing : Happy Hardcore Tonight!
  14. FanArt!


    I draw my fanart at my school (My Teacher is Not Notice Me That I'm Drawing a FanArt) FanArt Oh also i got explicit "**** The World!" Just see on the Left side of my fanart.
  15. KawaiiKiki

    Happy Hardcore/ UK Hardcore?

    I was on a hardcore kick while working today and thought I'd share a few songs that are not S3RL that get me through the weekly work flow. It's HHC/UK! What are your favorite songs, post them! This list could go on forever so I'll stop for now ^____^;; But enjoy, if...