1. InfiniDrift

    Welcome to the world of Hardstyle MF!

    Hey there! New thread, following my precedent ones on other genres (the first were Terrorcore & Frenchcore), this time, it's about Hardstyle ! Hardstyle is the first genre that got me in Hard electronic music: since the day I listened to that Coone Remix of Mammoth by Dimitri Vegas & Like...
  2. InfiniDrift

    Hardcore Clothes/Accessories

    Hello there boys and girls! Do you have clothes and/or accessories about S3RL? Happy Hardcore? Or maybe other genres? Even festivals? Here is a topic where you can show them :D If you have a Defqon.1 T-Shirt, a S3RL hoodie, a Coone bracelet or maybe a Frenchcore hat (who knows), post a picture...
  3. InfiniDrift

    Hello there!

    Hi everybody ! Let me introduce myself: My name's Allan, I'm 17, I'm French, I live on Limoges, France and I'm a S3RL fan since July 2016 :D . The first S3RL song I heard was Pretty Rave Girl 2010, it was last summer, and I listened to it after I saw some people say "Wasn't this a S3RL song?"...