introducing myself

  1. N

    Hello from Utah!

    So, I guess I gotta introduce myself. My name is Jay, or NoobLube. Im a senior rn, so I can't wait to go to my first rave. I've been listening to S3RL for about a year and a half now, but didn't decide to join this till now. His music is basically one one the only things I listen to. I play...
  2. TechnoNeko_Stubby

    Hi, I'm Stubby ^_^

    Hi, my name is Stubby, I'm 20 and a musician, my favorite genre is hardcore (including happy hardcore and uk hardcore), but hands up is a close second. I don't just love the music, I have always believed in PLUR, before i knew anything about rave culture. I've been listening to S3RL for at...