1. BVNNY


    Hi I'm Iris but you can call me bunny! I am 19 year old dude who does traditional/digital art but I'm also learning to make music and 3D models. I remember being introduced to S3RL years ago by my friend who is really into pokemon (pika girl song). I could say that was my happy hardcore...
  2. E


    I did not realize how much I needed to be a part of this community, omw. Frick a fracking love S3RL's music! Hope to have lots of fun heeyah.
  3. Arehya

    Hi, I'm Laura x3

    :pHaaaaai! I'm Laura and I'm 15 y.o, a S3RL fan since 2010 when I first listened to Pika Girl song *_* Now I'm writing all S3RL songs that I like (almost all of them) on my bedroom wall :3 I'm from Spain and I wish someday S3RL will do an Europe tour and go to Barcelona, then I would die (when I...
  4. TechnoNeko_Stubby

    Hi, I'm Stubby ^_^

    Hi, my name is Stubby, I'm 20 and a musician, my favorite genre is hardcore (including happy hardcore and uk hardcore), but hands up is a close second. I don't just love the music, I have always believed in PLUR, before i knew anything about rave culture. I've been listening to S3RL for at...
  5. Theadonn

    hi i'm tea-tan

    hi i'm tea-tan i like um.. s3rl, touhou and suguri, and a lot of other things but. i think capitals at the begining of sentences are lame anyway hi i'm tea-tan
  6. Noizogedon

    Hello, Happy Hardcore lovers from all over the world!

    hello there :D I'm Noizogeddon from the south of Germany. The only reason why I made this account is the 10 years of s3rl mix, because I don't have facebook to vote, so don't expect to much activity from me in this forum xD To tell something about my love for happy hardcore: I first...
  7. Stephy

    I'm literally obsessed with S3RL

    Uhh I only just found this forum and I'm already in love with it XD I can't wait until the S3RL shop opens! My name's Stephy by the way, I'm a girl from the UK My fave S3RL song at this very moment is When I'm There, before that it was DJ ***** Also very jealous of people in the US who get to...
  8. Flintlock3r

    Hi there! :D

    Yay! A fan site! :D Anyways, hello, I am Flintlock3r (Joseph), from California, U.S.A. I am a Hardcore DJ and Producer "in-training". I actually discovered S3RL and his music a year ago when I instantly fell in love with it, but only stumbled on this website tonight. I joined immediately because...
  9. Ace Grif


    Hey everyone im Ace aka jushawn but anyways I wanna be a raver and a movie director!!!
  10. K


    Greetings to the S3RL fan community :) I'm Yash. I live in India, am a student, a hobbyist, and obviously, a huge fan of S3RL. Hope to have a good time here :)
  11. DJ Snowdrop

    Hey Fellow Ravers!

    Hey all! I am DJ Snowdrop! I am a Hardstyle Producer that was inspired by S3RL's Tracks. I am a DJ/Producer from the USA and live in Idaho. I love music a lot and love what S3RL does with his tracks! I am only 22 (as of this coming Wednesday!) I work conventions in my free time and Watch a lot...
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