1. happyhardcoreSL_T

    Hi Everyone! cherry pop popped my hardcore cherry...

    Cheesy, I know, but true! My name is Lauren and I love to dance! I was driving up to the city(SF, CA) with some friends a few months ago to attend a small rave event. As we struggled to find parking(typical) and our agitation levels began to rise, my friend *Strawberry Shortcake* played S3RL's...
  2. Soasters

    I've got some Kandi

    Here it is! As you may see, I have a lot of supplies and it's a bit messy. Kandi_01 by Soasters posted Mar 13, 2017 at 6:47 AM
  3. mewhimesama

    S3RL Fursona?

    Uhm, so I guess I tried... I didn't know how to quite do this, but I successfully incorporated Jole's hair, piercings, favorite colors, and star tattoos (located on the tips of his ears) so I'm pretty proud of these little guys! *I'll be giving them to him in person on July 9th when he comes to...
  4. Mickey_Lolicon

    Some kandi

    I've started to make kandi this year, so I only have a few of them. Here's a picture of me wearing most of them. ( All made by myself ! ) ^-^
  5. KawaiiKiki

    How To Make Kandi <3

    Kandi are pieces given out a electronic shows, usually worn by kandi kids, and is traded as a sign of PLUR. PLUR means: Peace Love Unity Respect. As in, the person you are making this for or the piece you are given is given out of a sign of friendship and respect. So Kandi is made with pony...
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