1. all1es_sokoлow

    About creating fan mix

    Hello everyone, I have a desire to create a mix with old S3RL songs. What rules should I follow in order not to infringe copyrights? Thanks!
  2. InfiniDrift

    Candlelight mixes

    I'm a huge fan of S3RL'S Happy Hardcore tracks, like I listen to them nearly all day, but if there is one S3RL music that I really love, it's the Candlelight Mix of Rainbow Girl. It's awesome how the music went from Happy Hardcore to acoustic, and it would be great if you can do new Candlelight...
  3. Superman

    Welcome to the Wonderful World of Gabber (The Harder Hardstyle)

    Welcome! Like the title says welcome to the wonderful world of gabber, now just a little warning message now: *** If you dislike Hardstyle you may want to run away XD *** Gabber = The Harder & faster Hardstyle Gabber is normally around 160 - 200 BPM, at least from the songs i have heard. So...