1. Arehya

    Hi, I'm Laura x3

    :pHaaaaai! I'm Laura and I'm 15 y.o, a S3RL fan since 2010 when I first listened to Pika Girl song *_* Now I'm writing all S3RL songs that I like (almost all of them) on my bedroom wall :3 I'm from Spain and I wish someday S3RL will do an Europe tour and go to Barcelona, then I would die (when I...
  2. InfiniDrift

    Hello there!

    Hi everybody ! Let me introduce myself: My name's Allan, I'm 17, I'm French, I live on Limoges, France and I'm a S3RL fan since July 2016 :D . The first S3RL song I heard was Pretty Rave Girl 2010, it was last summer, and I listened to it after I saw some people say "Wasn't this a S3RL song?"...