1. Atef

    Will there ever be new remix packs?

    There have been a lot of new songs from S3RL that I always wanted to remix, like Now That I've Found You, Beat All The Odds, Silicon XX. Last remix pack was Planet Rave, so more of them added would be awesome!
  2. W

    S3RL - R4V3 B0Y (Wacky remix)

    Hey guys! I made a r4v3 b0y remix, thought you might like it: Enjoy! :)
  3. animanime

    Sakura Girl

    It would very cool if you make a Happy Hardcore remix of this awesomeness song ;)
  4. AMETHYST =^.^=

    i made a remix of pretty rave girl!

    havnt been on this site for quite a while but i thought you guys might enjoy my remix so i thought id pop on! im pretty proud of this remix and i hope you guys enjoy it as much as i do! link: (sorry if i wasn't supposed to share here)
  5. Mickey_Lolicon

    I made a couple remixes

    I've been making music for about 8 months aleady and I recently made a 13 tracks album. Since 3 of these songs are S3RL remixes (kinda) I decided to share them here The album is a mix of Electronic, Hip-Hop and ambiant music with samples from various experimental artists such as "Death Grips"...
  6. GIMPspiration (ft. Gimper)

    GIMPspiration (ft. Gimper)

    IDK what to write... Subscribe for more! Facebook: BGM: DJ S3RL - Inspiration | More remixes:
  7. animanime

    S3RL & Wovn - 720 Suicide REMIX :3

    I make a remix of my favorite S3RL track, I hope you like :)
  8. Click Bait (Shawn Blaze Remix)

    Click Bait (Shawn Blaze Remix)

    When I saw the remix pack of this song. MY FACE: :)Here's the product of time and sweat.Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?
  9. Shawn Blaze

    :) Hardcore

    How to describe happy hardcore... (too many words) S3RL definitely introduced me to happy hardcore. I don't remember how I came across him though... Through memes, cracks, vines? Anyway, S3RL inspired me to take up the happy hardcore genre myself. It was worth it. Besides house music (which...
  10. S3RL feat Gl!tch-Click Bait (Flintlock3r Remix)[Radio Edit] - YouTube

    S3RL feat Gl!tch-Click Bait (Flintlock3r Remix)[Radio Edit] - YouTube

    "Clickbait (Flintlock3r Remix)" original track by S3RL feat. Glitch, remixed by DJ Flintlock3r. Stems: S3RL's Youtube: Original song/video:
  11. "Masturbate To Rojo & Isamu" by SKIMER & MC'01

    "Masturbate To Rojo & Isamu" by SKIMER & MC'01

    Fan remix from "MTC". S3RL also has seen this one B-) No BGM: MP3: Other remixes:
  12. JonTron-Core (JonTron x Chillcore)

    JonTron-Core (JonTron x Chillcore)

    Fan remix from "Chillcore". Other remixes:
  13. raytekofficial

    S3RL Remixes

    Hey fellow producers :D I want to hear your remixes of your favorite S3RL songs! Post your links here so I can view them and anyone else who wants to take a listen!
  14. Superman

    ATB - 9 PM <3

    Have you ever heard this melody? ATB - 9 PM <3 Really good song from 1999 <3 Till i come! So much memories <3 That melody just makes me feel so bubbly inside :P So S3RL you should totally use that melody or make a remix for me plz XD
  15. Commandman7

    Post your favorite remixes!

    Came across this, liked it too much not to share. Post your favorite s3rl remixes below!