1. ✧LittleElena✧

    Hi there. I'm Elena

    :wiggle: This song is what you won't forget it will get stuck in yo head :>
  2. BassSlut.icon


    old bass **** cover
  3. AddictIcon


    And the last cover I rescued from 3 years ago, I think there was also one of Pretty Rave Girl...
  4. Sek-C-Raver cover

    Sek-C-Raver cover

    Another cover that I rescued from the remix packs, I found a cover of Sek-C-Raver interesting
  5. Dealer cover

    Dealer cover

    I think it belonged as cover to the remix packs :0
  6. Hello world!

    Hello world!

    The first normal fan art (in my opinion) for the best musician in the world (No offense, Brisk and others)! Without a tattoo, dyed hair, etc. Sorry for the fact that so little is drawn (minimalism). I hope this is enough for the first time. See you later! (Used MS Paint and MS PowerPoint).
  7. Nils_GenrePolice

    Hello S3RL Fans :3

    Hello everybody ! I'm a boy named Nils and I'm 18 years old from France! I'm really happy to join this community to share our passion, S3RL music! Idk what to say... I love Japan, I love sushis, I love mangas... And hardcore/happy hardcore music ^^ And as you can see my favorite Dj S3RL song is...