1. S3RL Fanart!! ( ´ ω ` )

    S3RL Fanart!! ( ´ ω ` )

    fanart for mr 'surreal'... i had so much fun workin' on this!! s3rl's music has inspired me since i was like 12 and im 20 now so yeah : )) anyways luv u s3rl hopefully one day u see this lol IMAGE DETAILS
  2. TehAwesomeEpicness

    I made this :)

  3. RedSky Games

    S3RL logo?

    h i wanted to know isf someone know who made this animation for s3rl *see the Picture*
  4. TehAwesomeEpicness

    Updated S3RL Model! :D

    Hope you guys like it! <3
  5. TehAwesomeEpicness

    s3rl fanart i made during the s3rl q & a on discord :3

  6. 7B1E667E-D92D-4746-AAB8-8385D1F39350.jpeg


    Artist: kaijuotaku Young s3rl! I tried haha
  7. TehAwesomeEpicness

    Hi I made a intro video for S3RL :3

    I hope you guys like it! :D
  8. Superman

    New Remix Packs (Wanna Fight Huh, Waifu, Through the Years, Fire, Earth BB, Don't Stop, Dance More)

    Hey Everyone! Just another quick addition to the Remix Packs, we added a lot of new ones and even a classic song remix pack! Added some fan favs like Dance More and Don't Stop! See the full list below! Wanna Fight Huh Waifu Through the Years Fire Earth Bb Don't Stop Dance more As always let...
  9. Superman

    New Remix Packs

    Hey Everyone! I added the following remixes to the Shop for download! Beat All The Odds You Are Mine The Power of Love of Power Speechless Silicon XX Nasty Fan Service Dopamine Avaline Let me know below if you want any specific remix packs! Check out all remix packs here!
  10. Nom3x


    I dont know if this is the right place to ask this question, but imma just spit it out... I have been struggling for a while with song ideas and in general just finishing a song... Therefore I have been thinking about collabing with someone to get ideas and more inspiration, but thats where the...
  11. Atef

    Will there ever be new remix packs?

    There have been a lot of new songs from S3RL that I always wanted to remix, like Now That I've Found You, Beat All The Odds, Silicon XX. Last remix pack was Planet Rave, so more of them added would be awesome!
  12. EM3RALD

    S3RL Megamashup

    Hey guys I made a mashup of all 49 S3RL remix packs, what do you think of it? (Also I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post in)
  13. Fan Service - S3RL (Original)

    Fan Service - S3RL (Original)

    This is a backup of the video since youtube will prob flag this video!
  14. Eren Swagger

    Thank you

    I know it's not really a question but I thought it kinda fit under this thread. Thank you S3RL. You guided me through essentially my whole adolescence. I've been listening since I was 13. 5 whole years. Your music helped me when times were rough. I'm now 18 and you've inspired me to pursue...
  15. J

    Back In My Life 2018 Edit

    I really loved your song Back In My Life way back in 2007 and I think it would be amazing if you made an updated version. :D
  16. animanime

    Sakura Girl

    It would very cool if you make a Happy Hardcore remix of this awesomeness song ;)
  17. The_Pichu_Squad

    S3RL will be at HTID San Francisco (feb 10, 2018)

    i'm glad that i can finally announce this!! Who'S hyped for the show? Tickets are already on sale ... for more info on the event visit the event's facebook
  18. Superman

    Spoiler Alert - Discussion

    I love the harder tracks :) Tell me what you think :h: This song is good ;P Spoiler Alert
  19. Superman

    Music is my Saviour - Discussion

    Another great song from S3RL, with a great message :) I love Mixie Moons voice in this track, gives me those feels!
  20. InfiniDrift

    Hardcore Clothes/Accessories

    Hello there boys and girls! Do you have clothes and/or accessories about S3RL? Happy Hardcore? Or maybe other genres? Even festivals? Here is a topic where you can show them :D If you have a Defqon.1 T-Shirt, a S3RL hoodie, a Coone bracelet or maybe a Frenchcore hat (who knows), post a picture...
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