1. Toyota GT86 Formula Drift S3RL Edition

    Toyota GT86 Formula Drift S3RL Edition

    Here is one of my works in Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One: A Toyota GT86 tuned for the drift painted in S3RL's colors! We can see the roof on this picture, with "I Will Pick You Up"'s lyrics, with a little modification, and also the big spoiler for all the downforce.
  2. Superman

    S3RL USA Tour pt.2? (Texas & Colorado) (Nov 2017)

    Return to Candy Mountain Friday, November 17 at 8 PM - 2 AM CST Nov 17 at 8 PM to Nov 18 at 2 AM CST The Green Elephant 5627 Dyer St, Dallas, Texas 75206 303 Family Presents Hard Beat Bump! 10th Anniversary! Saturday, November 18 at 9 PM - 6 AM MST Nov 18 at 9 PM to Nov 19 at 6 AM MST...
  3. Superman

    Misleading TItle - Discussion

    What do you think of this song? I really like this song <3 My fav song from the S3RL Tour <3 I would love to hear what you think :)
  4. GIMPspiration (ft. Gimper)

    GIMPspiration (ft. Gimper)

    IDK what to write... Subscribe for more! Facebook: http://fb.me/SKIMER151 BGM: DJ S3RL - Inspiration | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yc_k-ywnMVk More remixes: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHKBis0ucoc2qvEFktwnn_NZ9p33aCqOH
  5. S3RL Whiteboard Art

    S3RL Whiteboard Art

    Only had two working markers, black and red.
  6. Arehya

    Hi, I'm Laura x3

    :pHaaaaai! I'm Laura and I'm 15 y.o, a S3RL fan since 2010 when I first listened to Pika Girl song *_* Now I'm writing all S3RL songs that I like (almost all of them) on my bedroom wall :3 I'm from Spain and I wish someday S3RL will do an Europe tour and go to Barcelona, then I would die (when I...
  7. animanime

    S3RL & Wovn - 720 Suicide REMIX :3

    I make a remix of my favorite S3RL track, I hope you like :)
  8. Superman

    All That I Need - Discussion

    This song is all that i need <3
  9. Superman

    Boomerang - Discussion

    Tell me what you think of this future state release? :)
  10. DayGloStarKade

    LGBTQ+ Song

    Hey S3RL! As a fan of yours here in the US and part of the LGBT community it's been great to see everyone from all walks of life come together regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc. However, I'm sure you've noticed that we Americans are unfortunately living...
  11. Superman

    Cherry Pop - Discussion

    Tell me whaat you think of this track! Are you going to the Cherry Pop Tour?
  12. InfiniDrift

    Hello there!

    Hi everybody ! Let me introduce myself: My name's Allan, I'm 17, I'm French, I live on Limoges, France and I'm a S3RL fan since July 2016 :D . The first S3RL song I heard was Pretty Rave Girl 2010, it was last summer, and I listened to it after I saw some people say "Wasn't this a S3RL song?"...
  13. InfiniDrift

    Candlelight mixes

    I'm a huge fan of S3RL'S Happy Hardcore tracks, like I listen to them nearly all day, but if there is one S3RL music that I really love, it's the Candlelight Mix of Rainbow Girl. It's awesome how the music went from Happy Hardcore to acoustic, and it would be great if you can do new Candlelight...
  14. Superman

    S3RL Tour USA 2017

  15. Soasters

    S3RL meme

    *No disrespect to any of these great HH artists.;) S3RL M3M3 by Soasters posted Mar 12, 2017 at 11:49 PM
  16. S3RL M3M3

    S3RL M3M3

    god with the 1337 speak.
  17. Superman

    Where Did You Go - Discussion

    Where Did You Go? :) DISCUSS!!! Buy: https://djs3rl.com/shop/Where-Did-You-Go
  18. S

    S3RL Song Request

    Would be really great if you could do a song that revolves around a lesbian or a gay couple or any LGBTQ+ related stuff. I love your songs but it would be nice to know that even big music producers support LGBTQ+.
  19. KawaiiKiki

    S3RL Vinyl!!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone here collect or play vinyl? I have a lot of S3RL records because I spin wax. It is cool, had him sign my copy of Raver Raver Raver. I got everything that was released except for three records. If you see them hit me up and I'll pay whatever. What S3RL vinyl do you have? Looking to...
  20. Superman

    Like This - Discussion

    Can you feel this song in your ? Tell me what you think of it below!
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