1. Superman

    Inspiration - Discussion

    Discuss this song :p Another great start to 2017 with another great S3RL Track! Buy it here: https://djs3rl.com/shop/Inspiration
  2. Icywhisker

    First set

    Did you choke up at all during your first large audience set, or whatever you consider to be the hardest one?
  3. Superman

    Generic Holiday Song - Discussion

    Is this too Generic or just a right amount? Let me know below!
  4. Superman

    Space-Time - Discussion

    The laws of space & time don't matter. Break them all to be with you <3 Tell me what you think of this track :)
  5. Click Bait (Shawn Blaze Remix)

    Click Bait (Shawn Blaze Remix)

    When I saw the remix pack of this song. MY FACE: :)Here's the product of time and sweat.Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?
  6. Shawn Blaze

    :) Hardcore

    How to describe happy hardcore... (too many words) S3RL definitely introduced me to happy hardcore. I don't remember how I came across him though... Through memes, cracks, vines? Anyway, S3RL inspired me to take up the happy hardcore genre myself. It was worth it. Besides house music (which...
  7. Icywhisker

    Better Off Alone (S3RL Remix)

    Hey S3RL, do you have any plans with the song mentioned above? Are you going to remix it again and hope you can sell it? I'm just curious to see what you think of the problem that has arisen because of this remix.
  8. Icywhisker

    Public Service

    For a limited time, I will help people find any S3RL song they are looking for. I will NOT be giving away any that I have. If you ask me if there are any songs that you have not heard, I will not respond. I have no idea what you have heard or not. There are many really good songs by S3RL out...
  9. Icywhisker

    Data lost (MTC 7?)

    Here is an interesting idea for you S3RL. Let's say that this is something like mtc6 or 7. The story is how the male is singing to his hentai GF and his power goes out. He comes to find that his AI GF is corrupted or just gone? And he has to go to some hacker to get a tool (Program) to recover...
  10. Superman

    Trillium - Discussion

    Superman's Thoughts Corner :) Love this song, S3RL does it again with another catchy toon :h: Also congrats Aaron B:h: on the new track with S3RL :h:
  11. DJ car

    DJ car

    This is my car Of course Music is S3RL ※Volume attention※ From Japan.
  12. Superman

    S3RL Student Ravers United (Tokyo)

    Event Official Site: http://www.sru03.com/ Did you go to this event? Share stuff below!
  13. S3RL feat Gl!tch-Click Bait (Flintlock3r Remix)[Radio Edit] - YouTube

    S3RL feat Gl!tch-Click Bait (Flintlock3r Remix)[Radio Edit] - YouTube

    "Clickbait (Flintlock3r Remix)" original track by S3RL feat. Glitch, remixed by DJ Flintlock3r. Stems: https://djs3rl.com/remix-packs/ S3RL's Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/S3RL Original song/video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvmUBM2q_nY
  14. Superman

    You're My Superhero - Discussion

    Such a great toon ;P Tell me what you think!
  15. XAngeled


    Hey S3RL, what if you made a song about an invented superhero? Just invent a superhero and make up a story for him, who know what can it be? About their beginning, a certain fight, their life, go wild :D
  16. XAngeled


    Hi everyone! I'm XAngeled and I discovered that website not too long ago, but just recently started using it. I love listening to S3RL and he is one of the artists I like most, and one of my inspirations to make electronic music. I play video games and I make electronic music as stated above. I...
  17. Flintlock3r

    Anime Expo (L.A. California)?

    I might, just might, be able to get S3rl a connection to play at Anime Expo. It might not work, but it's worth a shot, if he's up to it. It's July 4th weekend every year. Any thoughts?
  18. Flintlock3r

    Does S3RL play video games?

    I'm pretty sure I know the answer, and I personally don't play video games often, but do you S3RL? and if so what are your favorites and why? Possibly some were inspirations for tracks like Space Invader and Escape?
  19. Flintlock3r

    Production questions

    Hi S3RL, love being here, I feel right at home on the forum :) I apologize if this is long XD So I have some questions regarding how you go about your production. I make happy/UK hardcore as well. 1. When you write a track, is it generally organized the whole time (tracks in order, labeled...
  20. Superman

    Click Bait - Discussion

    Hah i got you :p
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