song request

  1. animanime

    Sakura Girl

    It would very cool if you make a Happy Hardcore remix of this awesomeness song ;)
  2. S

    S3RL Song Request

    Would be really great if you could do a song that revolves around a lesbian or a gay couple or any LGBTQ+ related stuff. I love your songs but it would be nice to know that even big music producers support LGBTQ+.
  3. chomp246

    This is Sparta!

    I feel like a remix for the 300 movie would be awesome. No I'm not talking about the old meme but a song like Activator did. Something like pump up the jams but with 300 quotes
  4. C

    "The Chespins are Comin Back" Song by S3RL (Request)

    Here is the Song Request for S3RL to make a Chespin-themed song called "The Chespins are Comin Back" :D
  5. S.T.T.F

    Hey S3RL, I beg of you too make an remix of..

    Hey S3RL!! Great fan of your music and style. And i just love it how you do the vocals these days and i have an request of a song that would be so awsome if you would be able to make an remix of, the lyrics is already perfect for you ;) Robyn - Indestructible Cheers \o/