1. chomp246

    I can not find this song for the life of me

    So I was jamming to the mix S3RL just did for Danny J's podcast and I heard an awesome track at the end so I Shazamed it and I was told the song was called "Like This - S3RL feat Krystal" but I can't find the track ANYWEAR and it's killing me so I was wondering if any of you knew where I could...
  2. XAngeled


    Hey S3RL, what if you made a song about an invented superhero? Just invent a superhero and make up a story for him, who know what can it be? About their beginning, a certain fight, their life, go wild :D
  3. Superman

    Fugazi 2016 - S3RL - Discussion

    Next Russe track is up! - Fugazi 2016 - Askerrussen Spotify - iTunes -…/…/fugazi-2016-single/id1052230990 Google Play -…