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  1. XAngeled


    Hi everyone! I'm XAngeled and I discovered that website not too long ago, but just recently started using it. I love listening to S3RL and he is one of the artists I like most, and one of my inspirations to make electronic music. I play video games and I make electronic music as stated above. I...
  2. Flintlock3r

    Does S3RL play video games?

    I'm pretty sure I know the answer, and I personally don't play video games often, but do you S3RL? and if so what are your favorites and why? Possibly some were inspirations for tracks like Space Invader and Escape?
  3. Superman

    Talk about all your video games here! & A bit of Superman

    Made this due to popular request :P Use this to discuss everything related to games! Some topics may include: Steam! SexBox 2nd One Bony PlayStation 12 And any other video game source! Hope you enjoy this section, and make sure to make requests of sections you want in this thread. About...
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