1. T

    Most Videos/Songs blocked in Germany.

    Many of the original music videos where blocked/are unavailable in Germany. Is it wanted? I only saw it today but a few month ago it was all good. It is a well known problem that copyright protection agency are overzealous. Is there a way to get them unblocked?
  2. Superman

    Well, That Was Awkward - Discussion

    What do you think of this track?
  3. Superman

    You're My Superhero - Discussion

    Such a great toon ;P Tell me what you think!
  4. Superman

    Chillcore feat Lexi - Discussion

    I like to chill to happy hardcore :h: Radio Edit - iTunes - - Google Play - - Spotify - DJ Edit - BeatPort - - TrackItDown -...
  5. Superman

    Self Titled - Discussion

    Share what you thing about this song :p I love the inclusion of the fan art :)
  6. Nexus Radical

    Are people allowed to use your free track in youtube videos?

    Hello everyone! :3 I was wondering since i couldn't find an answer to my question, is everyone or anyone allowed to use S3RL's 'Free Tracks' in YouTube videos, just as samples like an Intro or Outro song for a video? About 30 seconds or so? I'm really inspired by the songs created by S3RL and...