My Question is Frequently, and my ask is ¿What Vst or Vst´s uses S3RL to make your Basslines?, I´m very interested because I use native vst´s in DAW, and my favorite vst´s is Harmor, Toxic Biohazard, Harmless and 3xOSC.

I´m Really fan of growls and basslines, and I love experimenting with growls and basslines, especially with basslines.

PD: I use FL Studio because I really like its quality in native vst´s. I'm also interested in trying and experimenting with synths that has reason DAW.

[Chiu Bunny]
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Aug 4, 2017
S3RL uses Reason, which up to 2 months ago did not have VSTs. I don't know if he uses them now but I highly doubt it since he kinda made a signature sound without them. There's no reason to have them.
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