* Before you ask a Question (Read Me Plz) ~ Do's and Donts when asking questions to S3RL!

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Apr 2, 2015
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Hey Everyone!

Thanks for taking your time to read this before you post a question!
Just some quick rules about this forum section:
  1. Do not spam the same question!
  2. Be Nice (:h:)
  3. Try your best to put all your questions at once, makes it easier so you are not waiting longer for a second reply from S3RL!
  4. Try to keep the questions about S3RL's Music, but you can ask some personal stuff. Just no asking for his personal phone, address, Sin number. (Keep the questions within reason)
These are pretty simple rules, please feel free to PM me or email me if you need clarification or if you want to double check if a question is okay to ask!

Now just a quick Q&A

Does S3RL really respond to these questions?
Yes he does!

How long does it take for S3RL to reply?
Normally a few days, he does have to work on music and see his family, don't worry he does get to every message sooner or later :h:

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy interacting with S3RL and his great community!! :)
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