Best Frenchcore tracks to discover the genre


Feb 7, 2017
Limoges, France
Bonjour tout le monde, connaissez vous la Frenchcore ? :D
(Hi everybody, do you know what Frenchcore is?)

As one of the only French active member here, let me introduce to this genre coming straight from the Baguette's country!

Frenchcore is 210 BPM of pure energy. It's one of the most represented Hard genre worldwide (For example at Masters Of Hardcore, Defqon.1, or Thunderdome) and one of the most liked. This genre was created in France by Radium & Al Core, aka Micropoint. Current Frenchcore artists are for example, the well known Dr. Peacock, Sefa, The Sickest Squad, Maissouille, Death By Design, Le Bask, etc... Also, there is a special event in Netherlands organized every year by Noisekick Records called "Frenchcore S'il Vous Plaît" which is mostly about Frenchcore, but also Terrorcore, Hardcore & Raggatek.

So, what are the best Frenchcore tracks to get started with? Let me give you some examples!

Sefa & Crypton - Nobody Knows (My personnal favorite):
Dr. Peacock - How Do You Do:
Maissouille - Life Is Hardcore:
The Sickest Squad - Zombie:
Radium - Rockin' Fire:

And I forgot to add that lots of Frenchcore songs are bootlegs or remixes: Sefa is an expert in this, by remixing, for example, In And Out Of Love by Armin Van Buuren (Lost In Thoughts), This Is The Life by Amy McDonald (Singing A Song) & Stereo Love by Edward Maya (Losing Control), and this at only 17 years old!

I hope I made you discover some new artists/songs, and maybe a new genre ^^
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