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hiii I uploaded a video to yt with the song I will pick you up which i thought was a free track so i could use it on yt
I'd be fine with the copyright claim if it were from S3RL its his song so he can make money off from it
the claimants are COMPASS_SC PRS SC and STIM SC
if i google any of those the search results are filled with stuff like " fake copyright claim harassment "

its also monetised by them so the money from the ads they display on it goes to them if them is s3rl I'd be fine with it but I think they're fake lol
what should I do?


update: the copyright claim magically changed to tunecore/emfa music without me doing anything so its fine now
this post is now pretty irrelevant and useless so yeah
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well, you should feel happy and proud you did cause even if you didn't get any direct reply at the time, i can assure you that there was stuff done in the background after your post.
and checkups were made to verify/rectify the situation. ;)
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