Data lost (MTC 7?)


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Mar 20, 2016
Here is an interesting idea for you S3RL.
Let's say that this is something like mtc6 or 7.
The story is how the male is singing to his hentai GF and his power goes out.
He comes to find that his AI GF is corrupted or just gone?
And he has to go to some hacker to get a tool (Program) to recover her!

Let's not make this too complicated but I just thought you could make something out of this XD
It doesnt have to be exactly how I described it but it sure would be really awesome to see what you come up with
I'd also like to make a request that you have Jodie sing the female vocals and yourself sing the male vocals! (With limited edits please! as in make the voices sort of electronic like you usually do but I want to hear your original voice, not the deep one you usually use.

P.S. my idea for your voice came from "Dream Girl" I'm not entirely sure if you sung that but that's the kind of voice I'm talking about.
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