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F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions)

Discussion in 'General S3RL Discussion' started by The_Pichu_Squad, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. The_Pichu_Squad

    The_Pichu_Squad The Party Pokemon Squad
    Staff Member Administrator Moderator Huge Site Supporter S3RL Super Fan Supporter

    Jul 26, 2015
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    Hey everyone, i've been on the chat a lot and i noticed that some questions surface more then the others so i decided to make this thread to simplify everyone's life...
    we will edit the first post as new question will be added so it stay clear to read.

    1- Is this S3RL's real official website?

    Yes it became official, a while ago.

    2- Where is he, does he ever come online on the chat?
    S3RL is a busy person so he spend a lot of time on tours, working on the next song you'll be dancing on and so on..
    The good news is he DOES come by every once in a while to reply to the questions on the Dedicated forum and if he have enough time, to chat with the ppl that are online at that moment
    We just can't tell you when his next visit will be due to his charged up schedule..

    3- Why donate if it's an official site?
    The donations help to pay for runing the website... It's never wasted money to help us keep the site running and up for you to enjoy!
    If you wana help visit This section.

    4- Why is the tracklist not complete?
    The creation of the tracklist takes a lot of time to find and link all of it's content...
    Some tracks are hard to find an require more time in research before they can be listed..
    We will do our best to complete it as time goes on.
    (for technical reasons it'll be easier to transfer all the new infos in one time so the list will be updated only once we manage to get her up to date)

    5- How can i change the color of my name?
    There are a few ways to change your name's color
    Donation, activity on the site, becoming part of the staff..

    6- Free tracks, how can you give them away?
    We were authorized by S3RL to give them, after all, this is S3RL's official website ;)
    Stay tuned for more content to come

    7- Why don't you have This or That feature on the site... you should add them
    If you have ideas and comments on new features for the website, visit the dedicated forum to share your ideas.

    8- Can i get banned, what can get me banned, is a ban final
    Members are asked to respect our rules and each other..
    Depending on the offence, it usually goes from 30 days to a permanent ban for the extreme cases.
    For more details please, take time to read the Terms of service and rules section

    9- a) I wana change my user name, how can i do it
    b) can i change other infos on my profile that may be wrong

    a) You can send a request to change your user name using the Forms section
    You can also send request to change/correct other infos that might be wrong on your profile by contacting the staff

    b) Like it was said on the chat as an awnser to an age change request:
    " If you need your age changed just make the request by going to https://forum.djs3rl.com/misc/contact and putting your new birthday in the message with the reason for the change :p "
    by folowing this method you should be able to get corrections on most of the things you might need to get changed...please, try not to abuse it

    10- is there an official group on "this, that or whatnot?" if there isn't can i make one
    Right now, the MAIN official outlets are
    this actual website (you are on it) S3RL's official youtube page , S3RL's facebook page and S3RL's twitter

    (links were also avalible on the icons in bottom right of most pages sitewide ;) )
    To make one, you'll see that it's a lot of work and more importantly, it will require to have S3RL's permission/backing to be called official.
    There may be some new outlets in the future but for now, that's pretty much it..

    11-Will the site get translated in other languages?
    We DO plan on adding other languages to the list and dedicated sections to accomodate members talking others languages at some point in time, we are just too busy with new features and projects to do it right now. But yes, it's planned in the future, don'T worry ;)

    12-How can i use "this" or "that" feature on the website
    We will try to create more tutorial thread to explain most of the website's basic features in close future,see the links below ..

    Right now, we have tutorials about : the media gallery, the "link" function and the "image" function

    13- How does the shop work?
    The shop will has it's own FAQ section and tutorials right there-> https://forum.djs3rl.com/#s3rl-shop.35

    14- What are thoses trophies thing for exactly?
    They are used to keep track of your activity on the website and will unlock and change your title as you gain more.

    You start as a "New Member", then become "Member" as you reach 5pts... the best way to unlock new ones is to be active and get liked by other members

    15- Can i post survey and other similar things for the other members to fill?
    Since this is the official website, we have to make sure any forms or other type of survey is safe for our members and visitors so we need to be asked BEFORE and authorize ANY form or Survey posted on the sites that are not hosted on the site... This is to ensure the security and privacy of our members and visitors and to be 100% sure the info collected won'T be used for any unwanted purpose. Please, contact the staff and/or site's administration BEFORE making such projects.

    16- Do i have to read all thoses terms of use things, what does that mean anyway?
    Yes, you should read theses because it IS important to know what you can and/or can't do while on the site.

    It's also good that you know what rights you are giving to "US" by using it...
    If you have more questions on that topic, please visit this page

    17- If i wana ask a question to this list, how can i do it?

    We made a side thread to ask your other questions to keep this one clear and easy to follow.
    this Post is going to get edited to add the new questions we think needs to be added to the list..
    Feel free to ask your questions there . We will do our best to reply to most of them even if they don't get added to the list.
    #1 The_Pichu_Squad, Oct 9, 2015
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2017
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  2. Superman

    Superman Owner, Head Administrator
    Staff Member Administrator Moderator Huge Site Supporter S3RL Super Fan Supporter

    Apr 2, 2015
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    Thanks for the FAQ Pichu, i pined it to the top :p
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