Favorite S3RL track-to-track transitions (in a mix)


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Jul 3, 2018
Sydney, Australia
There are some songs that just seem to 'pop' when before, after and mixed.

For example, 'Currently Presents' - the track 'INSPIRATION' merging into 'TRILLIUM' sounds awesome... it just builds up to a high then BAM... Trillium, B! So smooth.

There are so many more. And of course I imagine this is the great challenge of DJ'ing and mixing.

Homer: Well...you know...you like S3RL, don't you?
Lisa: Uh-huh.
Homer: And don't you like S3RL better when it's mixed well, with awesome transitions, and hard kicks and, oh, when the DJ drops the bass. Mmm... when the DJ drops the bass.
Lisa: So awesome transitions makes a good thing even better.
Homer: That's right. (startled) My god, it's like there's some kind of bond between us.

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