Hi from Canada!


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Jun 6, 2024
Hello, here is my introduction!

I am a 23 yr old woman in western Canada and I discovered S3RL about 9 months ago. He quickly became my favorite artist and I listen to his music constantly! I work a boring office job then get in the car and put S3RL on full blast while driving home from work, I love my little car raves haha. Its my dream to see him live someday, or even just to find other S3RL fans near me. I have yet to find someone in real life (not online) who is a fan of his music, i'd love to dance like a maniac to his songs with someone else!

My favourite S3RL songs are
- Superhot (as of it coming out like a day ago)
- Dopamine
- Fan Service
- Back Of The Maccas

and of course many many more!