How long do you spend working on each song? (and all my other burning questions)


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Jun 6, 2024
Hello from Canada!

I'm bopping to your music constantly, sad I discovered your music after you stopped touring :(

My questions are,

1. How long do you spend working on a song usually?

2. Do you start a new project after releasing a song or do you have multiple on the go at a time?

3. Really my questions boil down to: how the hell do you release a banger every month?? Do you just make songs incredibly quickly, or do you just start a new project every month while having like 10 on the go?

4. How many songs do you have in the works at one time?

5. How do you find people to collaborate with? What are the requirements for singers you work with?

6. How the hell do you collab with people long distance like Nora? She lives in Sweden and you live in Australia, so how do you guys record and make songs together from a distance?

7. I have a theory that you make less hentai and sexual music now because you have kids who probably hear everything you do are are getting old enough to understand it, is that true?

8. How did you meet your wife? Does she enjoy your music and inspire you creatively at all?

9. not a question just a dream: I LOVE when you and Nora collab, I desperately wish you guys found a way to connect with Salvatore Ganacci to make the most bat **** wild insane edm music video to ever exist. Please make this happen so I can die happy hahah

Thanks for existing, your music brings me so much joy :h: