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here is a quick guide on how to upload a file on the Media Gallery and a list of the basic rules that apply to the members

first to save time, here are the rules..
-members can each upload up to a limit of 40 mb
-up to 2 files at the time for picture
-maximum file size for pictures is 10mb
-you can't add files in the cover arts category
-videos files are limited to 20mb and uploaded one at the time

here's an picture to help you

now, here's the quick guide(with pictures) on how to add a file
1- you click the media gallery to acces the section
2- select the section you wana add a media to(optional)
3- top right, you select "add media"

if not in a category, you'll have to select one now or the album where you want to upload it
(note that you can't add media in the cover arts section)


4- now you select if you what you want to upload and the source for it
-if it's online, you enter the adress where it is.

-if it's from your computer, you'll be prompted to browse the file
you can select more then a file at the time but you are limited to 2

5- click save media to complete

congratulations, your file is in the gallery

you can also Embed a video by following
the steps from the previous guide and selecting the embed video tab instead
at number 4
and then enter the video's location (link to it)

hope this helps you...

more tutorials to come..

** note that the fan art i uploaded from S3RL's facebook was uploaded there to allow it to gain visibility and i was asked to do so...**
my own content will be properly identifyed as such if i ever post stuff i made myself...
thx for your understanding
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