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Yet an other quick tutorial to help members use the functions of the forum...

This time, it's about the infamous and so hard to use "image" function....

I've seen many ppl fail at using it so here are the best i can do to help you master it in no time ;)

First, some info about the function itself...
1- it's used to display an image that is hosted on internet... one on your computer or phone wont Do... unless you host it somewhere OR still have the image's location from where you took it on the intenet
2- some stuff still won't work... so like i anything, failure is always an option
3- on the shoutbox, please avoid the use of picture that are too big...

now let's start with the tutorial itself.. it will be done in 2 parts...
Part One will be the use of the function in posting (forum)
part Two will be the use of the function on the shoutbox (chat)

they are very similar but the location of the icon changes so to keep things clear and simple, i'm separating them for more clarity
Part One--
you locate the picture you wana post on the internet or HOST the image on some internet image host website
(i will put links to image hosting site in the notes at the end)

in this case, i'll show you how to add a pokemon picture from search on google image... but it's only showed as an exemple... (the funny thing here is that i'm using that function to add the picture for the tutorial)
so first, you spot the picture

then depending on your browser you can either right click it to get the link to it's location (i have that with firefox)
if you can't use that option, click on "view image"

then you copy the adress from the adress bar to use it in the next part

(yes i took the picture in internet explorer... because my firefox is in french... )


once you selected it you can copy it with a right click it

or using one of the "copy" shortcuts .
On windows you can usually use the combination " ctrl+c "
(the shortcut combination might change depending on your OS)

then to use that information you click the image function shortcut

and enter the link in the field that will pop up



result is that the image is now in the post (see below)



Part Two--
the use on the shoutbox(chat)

you use the same steps as in the part one but the only diffrence will be the location of the icon to use the function

so to save time, let's just show the icon's location and then explain anything that may be needed to add afterward...


once you click it you'll notice it's not opening a pop up but simply adding code shortcut in the text input area

you simply insert the link in the field created by the code stuff
like this:

then you send it and your picture should be displayed



(there a lot of others avalible, it's only a short list but it's only a fraction of what's avalible... feel free to use others if you don't like thoses options)

You can host picture for FREE on a lot of websites on the internet...

there are also some add-on that can make your life easier to make quick cuts and mess free share... but in the end, it's all up to you

on the websites list you can consider using :

or any other website you'll feel like trying that a simple research on google will offer you
(just make sure there are free to use BEFORE you upload your picture ;) )

as for the apps/add-on that you can use, the staff favorite is puush
but i'm sure there are other usefull and simple ways to do it...
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