How to use the link function to link on a word (not showing the address itself)


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As showed in the title,
here is a quick tutorial on how to use the "link" function to enter a link w-o seeing the link himself
(or a few words, depending on what you select, see below)

first, you write something... i used "something" for the example

then you select it

click on the "link" key

this will apear

input the said link that you previously find and copied

you then hit insert

what is writen will become a link to the adress you just inputed w-o changing the text itself

you know it worked since it's grey... it's now a link that will be clickable once posted

Hint: add the links once you are done or have more text after your selection to avoid that what you write afterward also become part of the link ;)

If for some reason you need to modify it again before posting you click to have your cursor in the grey letters and reclick on "link" (as showed previously)
... then modify the link.

note: it can also work with a group of words if you select more then one

You can also use the same function on the shoutbox(chat)
To do so, you follow most of the steps of the previous tutorial to get the link..
but using it comes with a twist...
Once you have clicked the "link" shorcut it will insert this code
to use it, you just need to enter the url after the " = " and within the checks and the words between the 2 feilds like this :

like in the exemple


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