I am bringing the pie!

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New Member
Nov 17, 2018
Hello there!

Online mostly known as the un-infamous ILikeBananaPie!
I am a hobby video game developer, and aim to continue being that until i bring myself to actually make a proper game that will hopefully sell well! And I am currently working on a website to show off all the stupid software I am making.

First discovered our lovely S3RL fella about around the 2010, though I didn't listen much to him originally, but as I against my original 'better judgement' of getting spotify, I started really listening to him a lot, and have had many joyous moments with s3rls music banging on.

I hope to share a lot of fun with you all!


New Member
Aug 28, 2016
Welcome to the forums! This place isn't entirely active in itself but there's always something to read through and enjoy. Good to know that there's fellow developers on this site -- myself, am one. We all aspire to have a selling game on the market at some point; all I can advise is that you keep at what you're doing and always push yourself to your uttermost limits and you'll be surprised with what you are able to come out with!

We're all here for one reason, our love for S3RL and his music. :h:
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