I got Fluffies! :D


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Aug 26, 2015
Florida, USA
Hello all! Well, I know this is random but i'm so happy about it that I must share this glorious day with all the kind & lovely people on this site! ^_^

Yes, I know this is kinda long, Sorry about that. :p

Well, It all started a few weeks ago I ordered a pair of pink Fluffies on ebay for my outfit so I can wear them at the rave i'm going too. And I just got them yesterday in the mail! I went out to go check because the estimated date of delivery was between June 28th & July 7th and so as I checked there was nothing in the box but I then saw him down the street so I waited for the mailman to stop at my house. About 2 minutes later he was at my house and I saw a gray package in his hands and I knew it was my Fluffies! (Since there wasn't anything else I was expecting) And I then ran inside and opened it up to take a look at them... They're WONDERFUL!!!! :D I was SO happy (Wait, was so happy? Screw that! I'm STILL so happy! :p) And I tried them on and they're a great fit! and later that night, My parents went to the store, and I got into my outfit since I finally have everything I want for it (Which was mainly the beads, string & Fluffies, Since I decided to wear my favorite skirt & tank top there because they're both very special to me) & I danced in them or about 2 hours or so. And they look so cool together! I'm very happy with them!

I decided to make a post about how it happened just to share my happiness with you all about them! I've wanted to do this for the longest time, And now it's finally happening!

Anyone else on here have Fluffies or a favorite outfit they like to rave in? If so tell your & your outfits story! I l love talking to people! :h:

My outfits story is well, I love my black tank top, I wear it ALL the time! And same with the skirt, usually together. And you can't see them, But the skirt has 2 big stars made out of rhinestones in the back and they're both just really special to me. So I'm gonna wear them. :h:
Plus they're extremely comfortable to dance in! And the Fluffies are too! There was little to no difference in my dancing with & without them, So I'm officially in love with them! :D
Only difference in my outfit that I'm wearing to the rave is that i'm going to be wearing WAY more Kandi! It's just that my brother Hunter really wanted to wear it and so I let him wear it because I like to see him happy. And what other 3 year old loves Kandi and literally wears it up to his elbows & layers it on both hands! Hunter, That's who. :h:

But anyway, I also took a picture of them to share with you all. :)

Can't wait to take pics of the Rave and share those with you all too! ^_^ And also all the Kandi I make, But i'm waiting for the rave to happen so I can show all of what I trade for at the same time. :)

Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a wonderful & positive day! :h:


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