If your not as much for happy hardcore anymore...

How about songs based on anger or rage?
Your songs pretty much have no negative emotions in them,
It's mostly just happy, romance and love.
The only other one I can think of is 'Always picking on me' which by the way,
Is one of my favourite songs ever! :D

Or generally inspirational songs!
I don't really like tunes with 0 words however there is 1 I like...
The Fairy Tail theme tune!
The reason is because it can inspire me to do pretty much anything! X3
If you made somthing as inspirational as that, but in your own style, it would be worth billions!


The Real S3RL
Staff member
The Real S3RL
Apr 5, 2015
Haha well I don't think Happy Hardcore is really the place for anger or rage songs =P Maybe check out some Dutch Hardcore or Rawstyle if that's what you're looking for...?

I have been thinking about making a more 'inspirational' sounding track again sometime in the future so hopefully it actually turns out good =)
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