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Feb 28, 2016
Hey S3RL!

As a fan of yours here in the US and part of the LGBT community it's been great to see everyone from all walks of life come together regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc.
However, I'm sure you've noticed that we Americans are unfortunately living with an entire presidential administration that would rather suppress the entire LGBT people, than accept us. And right now during Pride Month we need encouragement more than ever in the face of adversity. Would you be willing to write a gay pride song for us - to show & encourage unity within the rave community? I mean, yes, you released Over The Rainbow a while back...but that seemed more an ode to The Wizard Of Oz than to the LGBT community. I know that's asking a lot, but just thought I'd ask. :))

Best Regards,
David aka DayGlo

PS: Just recently bought your new black t-shirt form the merch store & absolutely LOVE it!!!
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