Longtime fan that had no idea there was a forum


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I'm Alpharie, or you can call me Rie!
My first time hearing S3RL was back in 2009, with Pretty Rave Girl, an absolute classic.
I came back, learning more and delving deeper in 2015, and becoming a huge fan.
I'm a digital artist from the US, and I enjoy making fanart of all kinds, along with publishing webcomics.
I knew S3RL would be a lifelong music love when I realized he made AMVs to his tracks, just like AMV Hell back in the day! I was tickled and embraced the cringe and all that it is. And my friends, it is good.
Thanks so much for having me, I hope to stay active going forward! I had no idea there was a forum so I'm really glad I found you all!
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