Making a visual novel using DJ S3RL's songs ^_^

Sir Trollface

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Jul 25, 2015
Hello ladies and gentleman! Sir Trollface here!

As of now, I am currently making a game using DJ S3RL's music and I've been thinking, since I owe this site for discovering DJ S3RL and his music. I decided to let you guys help me choose some songs that I could include for the visual novel. :D
Since I'll be letting you choose the music, let me give you the condition I've been working at, while choosing the songs so that you can understand why:
  1. Any songs that features DJ S3RL's music on youtube will be claimed by his content id team (TuneCore) and it will never get any revenue. (explanation: corporal talk of "You are not allowed to use DJ S3RL's music to earn money")
  2. I can use any music of DJ S3RL, that is under his name/rights/label, as long as the game is free.
  3. I can ask for donations if I want to <sequel?> (this doesn't make much sense but meh!)
  4. IF I do want to make the game a paid version, I have to ask for its rights ONE song after another (That'd be a process of about 1 week per song to be the least!)
The lists of songs that are under his name/rights/label are the ff. below:
  • 9 Bars of Equador
  • Always Picking On Me
  • Back Track
  • Better Off Alone
  • BFF
  • Casual N00b
  • Catchit
  • Da De Da
  • DJ *****
  • Doof Doof Untz Untz
  • Dumbass Statuses
  • Escape
  • Feel The Melody
  • Feels Like Heaven
  • Forever
  • Friendzoned
  • Genre Police
  • Go Insane
  • Happy Hardcore Tonight
  • HypnoToad
  • I Don't Wanna Grow Up
  • I Will Pick You Up
  • I'll See You Again
  • Kamehameha
  • Less Than 3
  • Let the Beat Go
  • Little Kandi Raver (2012)
  • Mr Vain
  • MTC
  • MTC2
  • Nightcore This
  • Old Stuff
  • Over the Rainbow
  • Pika Girl
  • Press Play Walk Away
  • Princess Bubblegum
  • Public Service Announcement
  • Pump Up the Jams
  • R4V3 B0Y
  • Raver Dimension
  • Ready For Love
  • Request
  • Same Never Changed
  • Shell Shock
  • Shoulder Boulders
  • Song Without Words
  • Space Invader
  • SummerBass
  • Tell Me What You Want
  • The Legend of Link
  • Time To Burn
  • To My Dream
  • Viva Forever
  • Want It Harder
  • When I Die
  • Yeah Science
The songs mentioned can ONLY be used in the game.

Someone in here think you can give me a good suggestion for the game? Comment it below!


Vocals of "Tell me what you want" to be used while on a scene where the leading lady is fantasizing of singing this to the protagonist

"The legend of link" to be used as a trailer song (imagine its vocals pointing out that a girl needs to be saved and its calling you(aka player) to save her before its too late)


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Jun 15, 2018
The very nice thing which you doing.. add some new flavors of the season in lyrics.
storage san on rent for a shot project of an album.
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