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*Over (Australia, Sydney July 4 2015 8pm) UTOPIA 20 Years

Discussion in 'Official S3RL Events' started by Superman, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Superman

    Superman Owner, Head Administrator
    Staff Member Administrator Moderator Huge Site Supporter S3RL Super Fan Supporter

    Apr 2, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Date: July 4 at 8:00pm
    Location: THE METRO THEATER : 624 George Street, Sydney, Australia 2000
    Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/936552413029247/
    Tickets: http://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=UTOPIA15a


    Dyewitness (NL) / Rob Gee (USA) / Binary Finary (UK) / Brisk (UK) / Al Storm (UK) / S3RL (AUS) / Bexta (AUS) / Yoshi (AUS) / Pee Wee (AUS) / Nik Fish (AUS) / Weaver (AUS) / Suae (AUS) / Mark Dynamix (AUS) / Fenix (AUS) / Matrix (AUS) / Chester (AUS) / Spellbound (AUS) / Team Rocket (AUS) / MC D (AUS) / Erase MC (AUS)

    UTOPIA, the name synonymous with one of Australia’s longest running and most premiere Dance Events, is celebrating its mammoth 20th birthday! 20. Fucking. Years. HOW HAVE WE ALL SURVIVED?!

    We are honouring this unbelievable feat by organising some of the top performances ever seen at a Powerhouse Productions event and showcasing their talent for this one special night; one event to stamp a milestone that no other Sydney all night party has reached…20 hardcore years of supplying absolute killer parties, brilliant international, interstate and local talent, and phenomenal productions.

    The Powerhouse Productions crew have kept their ears to the ground and are listening to their patron’s requests, we’ve carefully handpicked your favourite performers to bang out the biggest tracks in dance floor history and to rock the crowd like they never have before – imprinting unforgettable memories in our minds…This is what Utopia is all about!

    On a cold night in July 1995 in Minto the first Utopia was held. Over the course of the next few years, the Utopia event grew in size and transformed from an illegal underground party to a legally promoted event in major venues. Utopia was the first dance event to use such places as the Allphones Arena, Sydney Showground, Wonderland Sydney, and Entertainment Centre. The step up to these larger legal venues in 1998 brought with it giant crowds, often doubling the amount of patrons from the previous events. Utopia has an amazing history and for Utopia - 20 years we wish to revisit all these memorable (forgotten and foggy??) times….

    So come celebrate Utopia’s birthday, come celebrate the rave scene, come celebrate the music of our past, come celebrate that we were lucky enough to witnessed this epic time in history….we are ravers!!

    Dyewitness (NL)
    Rob Gee (USA)
    Binary Finary (UK)
    Brisk (UK)
    Al Storm (UK)
    S3RL (AUS)
    Bexta (AUS)
    Yoshi (AUS)
    Pee Wee (AUS)
    Nik Fish (AUS)
    Weaver (AUS)
    Suae (AUS)
    Mark Dynamix (AUS)
    Fenix (AUS)
    Matrix (AUS)
    Chester (AUS)
    Spellbound (AUS)
    Team Rocket (AUS)
    MC D (AUS)
    Erase MC (AUS)

    In the past we’ve had many great themes at our events, but none have outshone the UV madness theme. Now mix this theme up with old school ravers and I think we have a winner…so get crackin’, let’s see you all covered in glow sticks, fluoro and sticky candy. We’re going to supply an array of UV cannons firing into the crowd all night long, so dress up and down in your favourite glow wear and rave gear!

    The Powerhouse Crew will be scouring the event in search of the best dressed Fluoro/UV male and female! The two winners will be announced main stage and will win a year’s pass to all Powerhouse events. So when you arrive please have your outfits on you and ready to glow. This will also help our door staff to hand out other prizes to the best dressed punters.

    (Note: If you come dressed as an oldschool LAD you will not be permitted to enter. Sorry nice try but NO!!!)

    • Best performers spinning the best tunes.
    • 100% loud music all night long.
    • Massive over the top production.
    • Special roaming security teams to keep you safe.
    • Monstrous Production: Awesome lighting, laser and sound installations.
    • Stage performers, baton twirlers, laser robots, to add to the atmosphere.
    • Giant staging and props.
    • Secure onsite cloak room to keep your valuable stuff safe.
    • Polite but tight security for your safety.

    • Strict security both on the door and roaming the venue.
    • Zero tolerance policy on violence and anti-social behaviour.
    • Promoter reserves the rights to refuse entry.
    • Promoter reserves the right to remove any one breaking the rules from the event without a refund.
    • If you’re not coming for the love of the music and the love of the scene then please DO NOT come.
    • LADs don’t even bother coming, you will not get into the event and you’re not welcome!!

    TICKETS – ONLINE HERE - 1st APRIL 2015 – 3PM
    Buy your tickets today and secure entry into the best night of your life. With a strictly limited capacity tickets will sell fast....so hurry to your nearest store or purchase online (details below) to guarantee a night of unforgettable, non-stop party fun!

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