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Mar 20, 2016
For a limited time, I will help people find any S3RL song they are looking for. I will NOT be giving away any that I have. If you ask me if there are any songs that you have not heard, I will not respond. I have no idea what you have heard or not.

There are many really good songs by S3RL out there that hardly anyone has heard. And I don't think that's right.

1. Dream Girl
2. Move with you 2009 &2016
3. Rave forever
4. Tooo Many

That's a small list of songs you might not have heard.
Go ahead and pm me or reply to this thread with any requests.
If I have never heard of a song you want, I will add it to a list and research it with my friend.
I will say it one more time. I will not send Anyone any music I have. Only exception is if S3RL himself requests or Superman.
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