*S3RL Tour 2016 (July 9th 2016 - Seattle, Washington) Kamehameha 3 Feat DJ S3RL

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Apr 2, 2015
Canada, Ontario

Facebook Event Page: Link to Facebook

Saturday, July 9
at 7 PM - 3 AM in PDT
Jul 9 at 7 PM to Jul 10 at 3 AM in PDT

Studio 7 Seattle, wa
110 S Horton St, Seattle, Washington 98134

Tickets: https://eventgrid.com/Events/19698/kamehameha-3

Arctic Productions & Interstellar Records Proudly Presents

KAMEHAMEHA 3 - Dragon Ball Themed Party!!


"Hook up epik KW & KG gear at www.KIKWEAR.com and follow them atFacebook.com/KIKWEAR"
Arctic Productions & Interstellar Records Proudly Presents

KAMEHAMEHA 3 - Dragon Ball Themed Party!!


"Hook up epik KW & KG gear at www.KIKWEAR.com and follow them atFacebook.com/KIKWEAR"

★★★★★★★★★★★ DJ S3RL ★★★★★★★★★

DJ S3RL from Brisbane, Australia, has been writing and producing his own tracks since 1999. After discovering the original PlayStation’s game ‘Music 2000’ he taught himself how to write music and then eventually upgraded to a PC, starting learning to use 'Reason' to produce and hasn't looked back. But before all of that, and most importantly, he was part of the rave scene as a raver letting loose on the dance floor and going to every event he could. Still today S3RL stays close to his rave heritage which shines through in his music and performances.

S3RL scored his first break at the end of 2005 when hardcore legends Kevin Energy and Sharkey came down under. S3RL showed them his musical skills with a demo CD and it was only weeks later that contracts were being signed to join Kevin Energy’s infamous label The Nu Energy Collective (NEC). Releasing his first track 'Transformers' to vinyl made S3RL the first DJ in Queensland to be signed to a major, international hardcore label and not long after he was already mixing it up with names such as Hixxy, Gammer, Breeze, Styles, Scott Brown to name a few.

In the following years S3RL released a multitude of tracks to major hardcore labels such as the ‘NEC’, 'Executive Records’, ‘Australia With Force’ and has since started his own label 'Emfa Music'. His music has been featured on countless compilations and mixes, all this while show casing his talent live to a worldwide audience all around the world.

With literally hundreds of tracks to his name including hits like 'Pretty Rave Girl' - the smash hit that truly broke him the into the scene - following that up with the harder sounding 'Dealer' - showing his spectrum of styles, and more recently ‘Pika Girl’ which has had millions of views all over YouTube. Also working with numerous bands from around the world, S3RL has been busy doing re-mixes and collaborations with bands and other music groups. The most notable being his work with US band 'The Medic Droid' with his remix of their track 'Fer Sure' which also went on to become a worldwide hit.

Known for his intense stage presence and floor filling musical abilities, be sure to watch out for S3RL as he mixes up a storm and continues to keep the crowd jumping with all his future productions.


★★★★★★★★★Tickets on Sale Feb 14th at 12pm★★★★★★★

Tier 1 Goku GA - $25 Ends May 14th

Tier 2 Goku GA - $30 starts May 14th

Highly Doubt we will have door sales this show has sold out every year

Super Cell VIP - $75 only 30 will be sold

Eternal Dragon VIP - $125 only 25 will be sold

★VIP includes -
★ Arctic Productions smoked cheese
★ Special Kamehameha 3 T Shirt
★Expedited Entry
★Special Laminated Badge
★Meet and greet with S3RL
★Picture with S3RL
★VIP Green Room Lounge
★Free Food
★Free Water
★Free Soda
★Free Energy Drinks
★Free Glow sticks
★Special Goodie bag
★Backstage access
★Arctic Productions stickers
★Special Kamehameha 3 / S3RL silicone wristbands

★Eternal Dragon VIP★ all of Regular VIP + a special Private Pizza party with S3RL at Round 1 the next night July 10th. Picked up by the magic school Party Bus at designed location and drop off at same location in Seattle. the party just never ends!!

1st Wave of djs announced – (Not in any order or stage)

★★ Rexconer ★★

★★ N-Surgent ★★

★★ Marble ★★

★★ The Sauce & Tripp (as Tien & Chiaotzu)★★

★★ Dummy★★

★★ DJ Vault ★★

More TBA!!!!

This year we are Not Holding Back!! we have Special Big Plans for Stage and Decor

If you would like a shot to play this event send your Mix to [email protected] , it will then be reviewed by a panel of judges, if you try and contact anyone from Arctic Productions or send your mix to Drew, James or Hailee you will automatically be tossed out and not considered. If you post your mix on the event page or beg / say how bad you wanna play this you will not be considered. If you are chosen to play this amazing event and we see that you fail to promote you will be replaced immediately. Sending us a mix means that you are willing to play at any slot time you are giving, if you have to work or your ride won’t be there so you can’t open the show then do NOT send a mix. You will NOT BE PAID if you do not have a contract signed and agreed by Arctic Productions

Arctic Productions
This powerhouse production company has been one of the biggest names in raves on the west coast since 2011!
Creators of such shows as Tundra, Fantasy Kingdom, Inferno, Kamehameha, Super Smash Ravers Melee & many more. Arctic Productions strives to keep Seattle connected with all hard styles of dance to keep the beat bumping. ♥
❤ Please Read ❤
Prohibited items and behaviors include:
Drugs, Outside Food/Drinks, Weapons, Violence, Large Backpacks, Drama, Bad Anythings.

Please bring yourself, friends and good vibes.
By purchasing this ticket you, as sound mind and body, are agreeing to the terms above.


I would totally go to every S3RL event if i could, but money is always the problem XD Tell me if you have been to past events, or share pictures :p
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Mar 30, 2016
Come to Los Angeles ca Last time I saw you spin was back in 09 love the music


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Jun 6, 2015
I can't afford the $125 tickets but there's no reason in coming if I can't meet him. I've been waiting to turn 16 for YEARS so I could see him and now I can't even do that :/
You could start a GoFundMe thingy!!!! I know I would donate money for that ;o You really should, and (I think?) you can make a forum for it, and you'll probably make enough money in no time!! >w<
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