S3rl Vs Deadmau5 first songs mix


Jul 1, 2015
So I used to be a deadmau5 fan before I found s3rl and pretty much converted to HH but my friend has still always loved deadmau5 to this day and when he told me he used to be a hardcore raver and showed me his first song "Can't Remember the Name" (which was a happy hardcore/jungle style sort of experiment for him) I instantly for some reason I don't know why had the sudden urge to try and mix S3rl's 2006 Transformers and Cant Remember the Name together in some epic remix style. Unfortunately I do not have the equipment nor time to make an amazing remix of the two songs that bore two great legends. So I'll just put this out there just in case anyone who has the equipment/time wants to try this out. I thought itd be just a fun activity to give a shot but Idk¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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